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Name:The Huntsman
Birthdate:Jan 23, 1986
OUaT Season 1 Spoilers contained in Bio
Sheriff Graham Humbert lived, he thought, a fairly ordinary life, in an ordinary town, called Storybrooke, in Maine. Most of his police work involved things like locking up Leroy for the night when he was being drunk and loud. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Except, if he thought too much about it, it would occur to him that he actually had no memory of just how he'd met any of them. Or why no one ever left or moved to Storybrooke. Things just were. Always.

It was when Emma Swan arrived in town, the birth mother of Henry Mills, adopted son of Mayor Regina Mills, that Graham started to actually question things. He questioned why his affair with Regina left him feeling empty and hollow inside. And from there, why everything left him feeling, just.... nothing. He felt nothing. He wasn't some sociopath, he knew right from wrong and that he wanted to do the right thing, but he couldn't feel any emotions like joy or even sadness. Just emptiness.

Until Emma. Until he kissed Emma and for the first time he felt alive. And also gained flashes of memories of another life. Of a white wolf staring at him, one blood red eye and one black eye. Of a knife in his hand.

Gradually, with the help of Henry, he began to understand that he had had another life. As the Huntsman.

The Huntsman had been abandoned by his parents at birth and raised by the wolves in the forest. He learned early on how to track and hunt prey, but also how to respect the life of the forest. When he killed an animal to eat, he thanked them for their sacrifice, and made sure nothing was wasted. He never hunted for sport or fun. Other humans did not understand him and frequently tried to insult him, attack him, anything to get him riled up. Nothing they said ever got to him except when they tried to insult his constant companion, the wolf by his side. Then he would attack without mercy.

It was this lack of mercy that drew the attention of the Queen, step mother to Snow White. She believed the Huntsman had no heart and thus would be able to kill Snow White without hesitation. So she had him dragged in. First she tried to offer him a place at court, luxury, wealth. None of this tempted the Huntsman. The only thing he wanted was for the hunting of wolves to be outlawed, for the creatures that raised him to be protected. Easy enough, the Queen agreed.

The Huntsman took Snow White into the forest, disguised as one of her guards. But the princess was a smart woman and realized what was going on and fled from him while his armor slowed him down. Eventually, once he was free from the lumbering metal, he caught up to her. And she was writing a letter. This bewildered him, as she simply stared at him, accepting her fate and just asking that he deliver the letter to the Queen and to tell her that she meant every word. Confused, the Huntsman read the letter, read how Snow White hoped that maybe her death would allow the Queen to move on from her rage and rule the kingdom as it deserved. And that Snow forgave her. For the first time, the Huntsman saw that humans were capable of true honor as well as wolves. And so he spared her life, giving her a whistle that would allow help to find her if needed.

After killing a stag and taking his heart, the Huntsman returned to the Queen, claiming the deed was done. But when the stag's heart failed to open the drawers to the Queen's collection, she realized the deception. Furious, she pulled the Huntsman's heart from his chest instead, keeping him alive but now her slave for the rest of time. He would feel nothing and he would do whatever she desired or she would crush his heart in her hand.

With these flashes of memories coming through to him, Graham knew that the only way he could feel again was to get back his heart. Somehow. As impossible as that sounded. While Emma was confused and upset by his attitude, she followed him anyway, and even saw the wolf who led them to Regina's family crypt. But Regina found them there and Graham, now believing that maybe the heart thing was a metaphor, ended their affair. Not because he wanted to be with Emma, but because he wanted to do something for himself.

Regina was furious and attacked Emma before Graham and Emma left to go back to the station. And while Graham had meant it when he said that he hadn't left Regina for Emma, he kissed her again anyway. And in that moment, all of the memories came crashing back, every last detail. Stunned, he tried to explain to Emma, who was simply confused.

Graham didn't have the chance to get many words out. Regina had gone into the depths of the crypt and pulled out the Huntsman's heart and ground it into dust between her fingers. Back at the station, Graham collapsed and died from a heart attack, in Emma's arms.

PB is Jamie Dornan. This journal does not represent his or the creator's of OUaT's views
PB, Character and the writer are 18+
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